Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Floor Pour!

A major milestone was achieved on Monday when our cement floor was poured. This puts us on pace to start making ice in the early weeks of January.

The first crews arrived on site at 4 a.m. and the pour began around 6:30.

A minor hic-up at the start when a truck got stuck...

but it was pulled free soon enough.

 This machine is used to vibrate the cement so it fills in through all the layers of mesh, pipes, and rebar.

A total of 15 trucks delivered cement, with two at a time emptying into the big pump.

The pour is complete, now the finishing begins.

These hovercrafts were awesome!

Busy smoothing and flattening the cement.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Floor Install (thank you volunteers!)

Triangle Curling Club members have contributed nearly 350 hours of volunteer time over the last week and a half to help install our ice floor. This work has involved...

  • Laying down a layer of vapor barrier over sand
  • Placing and packing together two layers of styrofoam insulation.
  • Laying another layer of vapor barrier
  • Placing row after row of chair rails and taping them together.
  • Placing an endless grid of rebar and tying the joints together by hand. 
  • Helping place the expansion joint around the edge of the rink
  • Trimming the excess vapor barrier
  • Helping lay and tie down two hundred rows of cooling pipes
  • Tying down a layer of steel mesh over the top of all the pipes.
 The Before...

One layer of vapor barrier down, starting the foam.

Laying the chair rails where the cooling pipes rest.

The rebar grid begins.

Tying this grid together was quite the effort, but we knocked it out in a day!

The finished product

Beginning to lay pipe

Almost done! There will be 206 rows in all.

Tying down the mesh.

 The mesh up close

 All the layers....vapor barrier at the bottom, chair rains to hold the pipes, rebar grid, cooling pipes, and mesh layer on top.

Can you match the 300+ hours of volunteer time with a donation to our building fund?

Monday, October 27, 2014

Check out the building on Saturday the 8th!

We won't be ready for curling until January, but you can check out the building this next weekend.

***Due to the rainy forecast on Saturday and yesterday's rain, we're moving the Open House to the 8th. Your shoes and pant legs will appreciate avoiding the mud!***

What: Open House at the new building
When: Saturday, November 8 - 3 to 6 p.m.
Where: 2310 So Hi Drive, Durham, NC 27703

Members will be on hand to show you around the building and answer questions on membership, leagues, and curling! In person membership sign up will be available. Open to the public. Please bring your own chairs and beverages. 

Except for a little section at the end, the roof is on.

Next step is attaching the roof cap, which runs down the middle of the building.

On the inside, the upcoming milestones are placing the stone base under the ice floor, painting the interior beams white, and installing lighting. Lots to do!

Have you thought about what leagues you'd like to join for the Winter season? Registration is open: http://www.trianglecurling.com

Monday, October 20, 2014

A roof (and some leagues to play beneath it!)

The building is nearly encased! We're hoping to see the roof completely on by the end of this week.

The walls wrap around most of the building.

The far back wall still needs to be put up, but as you can see, the roof has started.

 The warm room has a new feature, it can now keep you dry if it rains (but we don't want rain, bad for construction)!

Over the next few days the roof should continue over the ice shed. They'll also start work preparing the floor for the ice equipment.

Off the ice, we've been getting ready for the Winter season leagues. League play should begin in late January (as soon as the building is ready!) and will run until late April or early May.

Right now we have five leagues planned:
  • Sunday - Open - 2 p.m. - Open leagues are for everyone! All ages, all genders, all skill levels. League coordinators will put teams together to try and keep balance, but you can request a teammate.
  • Monday - Open - 7 p.m. - Same deal as the Sunday league.
  • Tuesday - Open Competitive - 7 p.m. - What does competitive mean? The main distinction is that you get to make your own teams. Put the best squad together that you can!
  • Wednesday - Men's  League - 7 p.m. - All skill levels and ages welcome.
  • Thursday - Women's League - 7 p.m. - All skill levels and ages welcome.
Right now we're expecting to have drop-in/practice time on Friday evening. Saturday is TBD.

You can register now!

Click here for Membership Options and Rates

Click here for League Details and Registration

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Walls, we have walls!

The last time we posted an update you could stand outside of the building and wave to someone all the way through on the other side. That is no longer the case, we have walls! Two toned, tannish walls, insulated, and with vertical siding!

A good view of the layering in the walls. Next to the ice you have the layer of insulation, covered with a plastic moisture barrier, and the metal siding.

Insulation from the inside.

Progress after one day of wall work.

As they worked their way up, the warm room back door was installed. There are four doors into the building, two in the front, two in the back.

Far wall complete and starting to wrap around the warm room by Thursday

By the end of the week, the wall facing the road was complete.

And they started closing in the rest of the warm room.

This week we should see the rest of the exterior walls go up and hopefully some good progress on the roof.