Thursday, August 28, 2014

Some structure!

After months of watching dirt pushed around, pond building, and pad grading, we're starting to see signs of structure at the building site! Here is the latest....

Trenches have been dug around the edges of the building to prepare for the concrete footings.

Then the trenches were lined with wood.

And reenforced with rebar.

This big concrete overflow device was deposited in the pond.

 We have pipes! Warm room plumbing started going in today.

Someday this will be a bathroom!

0 kWh used so far!

And last, but certainly not least, the old house has been taken by its new owner to begin its new life. (Video)

Can't wait to play the Winter season in our new home! In the meantime, we have one final season coming up at the Polar Ice House. See you on the ice! Click here to register.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Volunteers and Donations - Pond Seeding!

Building a curling club takes a lot of time and money. Thankfully we have great volunteers who step up when asked to complete projects and help the club stay within budget. Before we open the doors to our building this fall, volunteers will be called upon to do much of the landscaping, parking lot painting, furnishing, and ice shed interior finishing.

This Saturday volunteers came out to complete our first landscaping project, the initial seeding of our retention pond. It was tough work on a hot day, but we got it done, and at a great cost savings to the club.

Later in September and early October we'll be doing the landscaping for the entire site, planting hundreds of plants and trees around the building and pond to meet the city of Durham code. We hope to see many of you out there.

While using volunteer labor saves a lot of money, there are still significant material costs we need to cover. In May we kicked off a year long campaign to raise $32,000 to offset much of the costs of our volunteer projects. As of today we have raised $13,476 or 42% of our goal. Thank you everyone who has contributed and we ask for your support to move us closer to our goal.

Click here to donate.

Thank you Dan, Cliff, Mike, Kathy, Steve, Amy, Patrick, and Chris for a job well done yesterday! Hopefully we'll see a lot of grass growing in a couple weeks!

Friday, August 8, 2014

Pack that dirt

Things are starting to get busy over on So Hi Drive.

First this big hole was dug to mine the good red clay.

Then it was moved to the location of the building and packed down.

Next this area will be covered in 12 inches of gravel to help with drainage.

Oh, and our pond is coming along nicely!

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Construction Update - Early June 2014

Work continues preparing the land.

Dream - Goal - Reality

Nearly twenty years ago John and Evelyn Nostrand founded the Triangle Curling Club with a small group of dedicated members. The thought of opening a dedicated curling facility in the Raleigh-Durham area probably seemed like a distant dream at the time. In the intervening years there were periods when ice time was not available, curling could not be scheduled, and membership dipped into the teens. Despite these challenges the club held together and now we are on the brink of achieving that once distant goal.

It is fun to look back at these old photos. Lance Wright, Mike and Pat Hartman, Murray and Kathy Jackson, Dan Scheck, Dick and Charlotte Macartney, Rich Wallace, Ken Kato, Brian Chick, and Sarah Cornell are some of our founding members who continue to contribute their time and energy to the moving the club forward.

Who will our next set of founders be? Our dedicated ice founders. When we look back on our ribbon cutting ceremony twenty years from now who will be in that photo?
“A Goal is a Dream with a Deadline”

Nearly five years ago, then club President Lea Franklin, along with Mike Hartman, Nick Witcraft, and others began an active search for property, setting in motion the building project well underway today.

From the dream of the founding members, to the goal of a dedicated facility, we are arriving at the reality of seeing the birth of a new curling facility thanks to the support of so many people inside and outside our club. We have a lot to be proud of, but there is much left to do. Our club will need each and every one of you to use your passion for sport, and for curling, to join us in providing the resources to make our dream a reality!

The budget for this project is roughly $1,400,000. We have financing in place for $1,250,000 of that.
The remaining $150,000 will need to be raised with the help of contributions from those who want to see this project succeed. Can you help us?

For further information please contact for general questions and for any fundraising ideas or questions

Monday, March 31, 2014

The Ground Is Broken!

A few miles south of the soon-to-be home of the Triangle Curling Club in Durham, there's a vacant lot where the following sign has been on display for the better part of five years:

During that time, no obvious progress has been made towards the construction of a school, even so much as the clearing of trees. This is certainly not a slight at Durham Public Schools; it's just an illustration that sometimes, these things take time. A long time.

So, when our curling club bought a piece of land (2310 So Hi Drive, Durham) and posted a similar sign on our property, we'd forgive anyone who might have been a little skeptical. How long would this sign be here, anyway? Two years? Five? Longer? "Future" could mean anything! Indeed, this sign has been on display for over a year now, with no obvious progress being made on the property itself. (Although, we did at least mow the lawn once or twice.)

This is why last Saturday's ceremonial groundbreaking was such a big day. At last, or legalese, financing, and construction contracts are in order, and we can actually start building our club!

(From left to right: PJ Feinson, Mike Hartman, Durham City Councilman Eddie Davis, TCC president Dave Hamilton, Murray Jackson, Lea Franklin.)

Not even a heavy drizzle (if there is such a thing) could keep a crowd of 50 to 75 enthusiastic curlers plus curious onlookers - but mostly curlers - away. Not today.

Digging up some ceremonial dirt mud is great and all, but of course, it's strictly ceremonial. Perhaps the most exciting thing to be found on the grounds of our new club this Saturday was this:


The next most exciting thing will be when we can take care of the abandoned house. It's kind of in the way. (We'll spare the bagpiper, though.)

For more pictures from the groundbreaking, visit our Facebook page. We're excited! Can you tell we're excited?