Monday, October 20, 2014

A roof (and some leagues to play beneath it!)

The building is nearly encased! We're hoping to see the roof completely on by the end of this week.

The walls wrap around most of the building.

The far back wall still needs to be put up, but as you can see, the roof has started.

 The warm room has a new feature, it can now keep you dry if it rains (but we don't want rain, bad for construction)!

Over the next few days the roof should continue over the ice shed. They'll also start work preparing the floor for the ice equipment.

Off the ice, we've been getting ready for the Winter season leagues. League play should begin in late January (as soon as the building is ready!) and will run until late April or early May.

Right now we have five leagues planned:
  • Sunday - Open - 2 p.m. - Open leagues are for everyone! All ages, all genders, all skill levels. League coordinators will put teams together to try and keep balance, but you can request a teammate.
  • Monday - Open - 7 p.m. - Same deal as the Sunday league.
  • Tuesday - Open Competitive - 7 p.m. - What does competitive mean? The main distinction is that you get to make your own teams. Put the best squad together that you can!
  • Wednesday - Men's  League - 7 p.m. - All skill levels and ages welcome.
  • Thursday - Women's League - 7 p.m. - All skill levels and ages welcome.
Right now we're expecting to have drop-in/practice time on Friday evening. Saturday is TBD.

You can register now!

Click here for Membership Options and Rates

Click here for League Details and Registration

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Walls, we have walls!

The last time we posted an update you could stand outside of the building and wave to someone all the way through on the other side. That is no longer the case, we have walls! Two toned, tannish walls, insulated, and with vertical siding!

A good view of the layering in the walls. Next to the ice you have the layer of insulation, covered with a plastic moisture barrier, and the metal siding.

Insulation from the inside.

Progress after one day of wall work.

As they worked their way up, the warm room back door was installed. There are four doors into the building, two in the front, two in the back.

Far wall complete and starting to wrap around the warm room by Thursday

By the end of the week, the wall facing the road was complete.

And they started closing in the rest of the warm room.

This week we should see the rest of the exterior walls go up and hopefully some good progress on the roof.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

The warm room is looking like......well, a room!

The most visually dramatic work in the last week has been in the warm room, which is starting to look like an actual room now with walls and windows!

The locker rooms and bathrooms have all been framed in, doors and windows are installed, and the wall between the lounge and the ice shed has gone up. You can really imagine yourself standing there watching games through the big windows now!

Then there has been a lot of little stuff, like additional bracing between the supports, adding overhangs, and installing a sheet of metal around the bottom of the building where the exterior walls will connect. Latest pictures are below...

Overhangs will help provide a bit of shade on the side of the building.

Lots of framing....looking more and more like an actual building.

We hope you'll be coming through that door soon!

 Women's locker room and bathroom.

All the interior walls framed in. Locker rooms, bathrooms, storage area.

The wall separating the lounge from the ice shed.

Imagining yourself watching a game on Sheet C?

A couple views back towards the warm room from the ice.

Back of the building framed. Opening for the garage style door.

Almost ready to attach some exterior walls.

In other news we've started rolling out information on club membership and plan to start accepting league registrations in the next few weeks. Stay tuned!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Roof Supports

A great week of progress on the building! The roof supports have gone up. Over the next week we should start to see the roof go on.

View from the far end of the "ice".

 Warm room area.

Looking up at the building from the banks of the pond.

View from behind the warm room "glass".

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Going vertical!

Going vertical! We've gone from a dirt pad to steel beams rising in 36 hours! 

Over the past couple weeks the grading of the building pad was completed, initial plumbing was laid, and the footing trenches were dug. We were delayed a week or two by rainy weather, but on Tuesday the foundation was poured and on Wednesday the support beams started going up.

Cement trucks arrived early on Tuesday, September 16.

This machine was used to pour the cement in the footing trenches that surround the building.

By the end of the day we had a lounge floor and a foundation.

This is a gap in the footings where the header pipes will enter the building, but gives you a good look at the inside of the foundation.

By Wednesday they started putting up the support beams.

Bathroom and lounge plumbing encased in concrete.

 Rebar covered in strips of cement connect the support beams on opposite sides of the building.

The floor will be level as you move from the lounge to the ice shed. Then you will step down onto the playing service. You can see the start of the wheelchair ramp in the center.

View from the far end of the ice.

 View from right behind the warm room glass.

We appreciate your continued support!

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Some structure!

After months of watching dirt pushed around, pond building, and pad grading, we're starting to see signs of structure at the building site! Here is the latest....

Trenches have been dug around the edges of the building to prepare for the concrete footings.

Then the trenches were lined with wood.

And reenforced with rebar.

This big concrete overflow device was deposited in the pond.

 We have pipes! Warm room plumbing started going in today.

Someday this will be a bathroom!

0 kWh used so far!

And last, but certainly not least, the old house has been taken by its new owner to begin its new life. (Video)

Can't wait to play the Winter season in our new home! In the meantime, we have one final season coming up at the Polar Ice House. See you on the ice! Click here to register.